Executive Board 2017

President- Jordan Cozby


Jordan, BR ’20, is studying history and human rights. He was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama and first got involved in politics as a fellow with President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Since then, he served as the national chairman of the High School Democrats of America and on the Hillary for Alabama Leadership Council. Outside of Dems, Jordan is involved in the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association and is a tutor at New Haven Reads. In his spare time, you can find him catching up on Parks and Rec and the latest in Alabama politics.





Vice President- Sonny Stephens


Sonny Stephens, SM '19, proudly hails from Austin, Texas. Sonny is majoring in Global Affairs and his policy interests include foreign policy (relating to Latin America), immigrant rights, voter access, and urban infrastructure. He loves watching Rachel Maddow and listening to the Brazilian Top 50 playlist on Spotify. He loves being a part of Dems because it lets him simultaneously satisfy his penchant for politics, while also serving the community. Outside of Dems, he is a CCE, an Hermano of Lambda Upsilon Lambda, and involved with YIRA. He can often be found walking up Hillhouse or at the Silliman Acorn. He wants you to know that while Sonny is his nickname, his full name is Mariano Antonio Cienfuegos Stephens (he acknowledges that it's a mouthful).





Treasurer- CJ Fowler


CJ Fowler, MY’ 21, is a prospective American Studies major, hails from Little Rock, Arkansas and is a proud Arkansas Democrat. He first got involved with Democratic politics volunteering on his stepdad’s reelection campaign for Attorney General in 2010 and has had the political bug ever since. Before coming to Yale, he served as Hillary for Arkansas’s Director of Millennial Engagement and was appointed to be a US Senate Page by Harry Reid in the Fall of 2015. Outside of Dems, CJ is Community Health Educator and a member of the Whaling Crew. In his free time, you’ll find him enjoying hot chocolate at Jojo’s or ranting about the Arkansas Razorbacks.




Legislative Coordinator- Esul Burton


Esul, SM ’20, is a current resident of Arlington, Virginia, previously hailing from Seoul, South Korea. An ardent follower of politics since the 2008 Democratic primary, she first became involved with the Yale Dems when canvassing for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and has stuck with Dems ever since. As a Political Science major, she is particularly passionate about racial justice, voting rights, and criminal justice reform. Outside of Dems, Esul is on the board of the Yale Women's Center, a poet in ¡Oye! Spoken Word, a member of The Sphincter Troupe, and is involved with the Asian American Studies Task Force. She also spent this past summer as a Light Fellow in Seoul, South Korea studying Korean and is interested in finding ways to merge her new language skills with the political work she is doing in Dems and beyond. In her free time, she can be found writing unfinished spoken word poetry and catching up on 16 different Netflix shows.



Elections Coordinator- Timothy White


Timothy, SM ’20, is an English major hailing from Long Beach, California. He’s always been invested in politics, but first started becoming seriously involved through his leadership in the California Youth and Government program in high school. His interest in campaigns began with the crazy experience of accidentally running a Nevada Caucus site in 2016 (ask him about it sometime). As a pastor’s son and the president of a group for queer Christians at Yale, he’s particularly interested in the roles of faith and LGTBQ rights in politics. Timothy’s other involvements at Yale include leading community outreach for the new youth homeless shelter Youth2Youth New Haven, playing viola in the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and working as a barista in Silliman’s coffee shop, The Acorn. In his free time, you’ll see him watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and dancing badly at every opportunity.




Membership Coordinator- Irene Vazquez


Irene Vazquez, BK '21, hails from Houston, Texas. She is a prospective Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major who loves intersectional feminism and using the word "diaspora." She is a valiant member of the fight to turn Texas blue, and she has worked as an intern for Lizzie Fletcher's congressional campaign in the TX-07. Aside from Dems, she serves on the board of the Reproductive Justice Action League at Yale, works in the History Keepers program at the Af-Am House, and is a member of Word: Performance Poetry at Yale. Mostly she likes drinking coffee, listening to Pod Save America, and pointing out the differences between her Yale experience and that of Rory Gilmore.





Communications Director- Ananya Kumar-Banerjee


Ananya, TD '21, is a prospective Ethics, Politics & Economics major from New York City who enjoys writing poetry about the South Asian diaspora. She is particularly interested in immigration policy, voter registration legislation, and international human rights law. At Yale, Ananya is a writer for the New Journal, the Media Director for the Negative Space, Yale's Asian-American Oral History Project, and a volunteer for No Closed Doors. Outside of Yale, she is an intern for Gareth Rhodes' (NY-19) congressional campaign, Head Prose Editor for Red Queen Lit Mag, and a Representative for Glossier Cosmetics. In her spare time, you can find her reading poetry from the black literary canon, sewing, or talking about why she loves New York City





Events Coordinator- Molly Shapiro


Molly, SY ’21, is planning on double majoring in history and political science. She was born and raised in New York City, and cares a lot about addressing the problems of homelessness, policing, and mass incarceration. Outside of Dems, Molly writes for The Politic and is involved with the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project and the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association. She’s a huge fan of bagels and the old Taylor Swift.







City Engagement Coordinator- Kaley Pillinger


Kaley Pillinger, TD '21, is a born and bred New Yorker and so yes, of course she has a weakness for bagels (campus dining hall mini ones aren't too bad). She is interested in studying economics and political science. Outside of Dems, Kaley is a staff writer for The Politic, a member of the Yale Debate Association, and teaches at New Haven high schools with the Urban Debate League. She's spending 2018 working on Dan Koh's congressional bid in Massachusetts. Ask her about getting involved with City Engagement, her favorite cup of coffee on campus, or the latest podcast from Crooked Media.