Executive Board 2019

President - Timothy White


Timothy White, SM ’20, is an English major from Long Beach, California. He has been involved in politics since the time he accidentally ran a caucus site at 16, and he’s grateful to Dems for giving him some of his most meaningful experiences and friendships since. Outside of Dems, he plays viola in the Yale Symphony Orchestra, works as a barista at The Acorn Coffee Shop, and leads a group for LGBTQ Christians. 



Vice President - Paige Swanson


Paige Swanson, MY '20, is a Political Science major from Rockford, IL and Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Getting involved in the Dems during her first year after the 2016 election (and due to her deep love for Parks and Rec) has been by far one of the best parts of her Yale experience. Outside of Dems, Paige works as a research assistant at the ISPS and Political Science department, and volunteers with Yale Demos. Ask her about her deep love for the crazy world of Florida politics or her favorite book that she happens to own four copies of. 

Treasurer - Lizzie Bjork


Lizzie is a sophomore in Morse College, originally from Oakland, California. She spent three semesters at Rice University, in Houston, Texas, before taking the semester off to intern for Kamala Harris -- and then transfer to Yale. Lizzie is majoring in history, and when she's not reading, eating Trader Joe's snacks, or playing IM's, she is probably on the frisbee field. 



Legislative Coordinator - Kaley Pillinger


Kaley Pillinger, TD '21, is a born and bred New Yorker and so yes, of course she has a weakness for bagels. At Yale, Kaley is double majoring in history and economics, with a focus on urban studies. Outside of Dems, she’s an associate editor for The Politic and a member of the Yale Debate Association. Ask her about getting involved with advocacy in Connecticut, her favorite cup of coffee on campus, or the latest podcast from Crooked Media.


Elections Coordinator - Molly Shapiro

Dems Photo Shaps.jpg

Molly Shapiro, SY ‘21 is a History major from New York City. Outside of Dems, she is an Associate Editor for The Politic and a GED tutor with the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project. Her favorite food is bread, especially of the bagel variety.

City Engagement Coordinator - Alexandra Bauman


Alexandra Bauman, DC '21, is a lifelong DC resident and enthusiastic proponent of DC statehood. At Yale, Alexandra is majoring in History with Arabic and Spanish certificates. Outside of Dems, she spends most of her time working with Special Education students at John C. Daniels Interdistrict School of International Communication. Challenge her to a game of Scrabble or bring her a bagel and she will probably want to be your friend (no guarantees).


Communications Director - Eli Sabin

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Eli Sabin, GH ‘22, was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut and is excited to stay connected with his community while at Yale. A prospective History major, he got involved in state and local politics during high school by working on campaigns and interning for his state representative. He loves talking policy, eating New Haven pizza, and playing pickup sports. Outside of Dems, he’s Director of the state legislature’s Progressive Democratic Caucus, a member of the New Haven Democratic Town Committee, a tutor at Elm City Internationals, and a center defender for Yale’s Club 1 Soccer team. Ask him about the next Hopper IM game, his favorite spots in New Haven, and who’s got the best dance moves in Connecticut politics.


Membership Coordinator - Liam Elkind

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Liam Elkind, JE '21, is an Ethics, Politics, and Economics major from New York City. He became involved in politics after the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, and has found such a supportive and productive environment in Dems. He is thrilled to be joining the board of Yale Dems this year, and hopes to work on expanding the membership and fostering a cooperative and energetic spirit in Dems for the coming year. When he's not in WLH at Dems events, you can find him rehearsing for undergraduate productions on campus (on good days), or oversleeping until four in the afternoon (most days).


 Events Coordinator - Aliesa Bahri


Aliesa Bahri, MY '22, is a Political Science major from San Jose, California. Aliesa got involved with the Yale College Democrats as a finance fellow for Ned Lamont's Gubernatorial Campaign and as a member of the Dems legislative team working on absentee voting. Outside of the Yale Dems, she serves as the First Year Class Council President, researcher for the Roosevelt Institute's Equal Justice Center, and member of the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association's Development Committee. On campus, you'll usually find her playing ping pong with her IM teammates, reading in the Lillian Goldman Law Library, or sipping tea at JoJo's.