Our Mission

We are intentional advocates for progressive change in New Haven, in Connecticut, and across the country.
We fight for caNdidates and causes that advance equal justice, human dignity, and the empowerment of all people.
We embrace students of all backgrounds who want to take action and join an inclusive community of dedicated progressives.


"[The] common room of Yale's Branford College... is becoming a regular stop on the campaign trail for candidates seeking statewide office." -New Haven Independent, February 16, 2010


We campaign for candidates who will stand up for progressive values on the local, state, and national
levels. In the fall, our “Dems Fellows” will serve as remote interns for state legislative races in competitive
districts in Virginia and New Jersey. We will travel to Virginia and New Jersey to canvass for both states’
gubernatorial candidates, and spend Monday evenings on campus phone banking for down-ballot Dems.
In the past, we have helped elect Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator
Maggie Hassan, and President Obama.


In the fall, we partner with New Haven nonprofit and activist organizations to advocate for progressive
city policies. In the spring, we run issue campaigns, communicate with state legislators, and travel to
Hartford to testify on behalf of legislation that promotes equality and justice for all. Our efforts were
critical to repealing the death penalty in Connecticut and mandating that all colleges and universities in our
state employ affirmative consent policies.



Throughout the semester, we host legislators, advocates, and journalists to promote political dialogue on
campus. In the past, we have welcomed Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson (pictured above),
Governor Dan Malloy, Chief Policy Adviser for Hillary for America Jake Sullivan, Senator Chris Murphy,
and National Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign Symone Sanders. We also organize
small “policy seminars” with Yale Law and Yale College professors so Yalies can learn more about
education, climate, criminal justice, and tax policy.