// Wednesday, December 13, 2006 //

Congratulations to the 2007 Executive Board

Posted by Kevin Bock at 1:06AM

Hey Yale Dems!

Thank you to everyone who came to elections tonight, and special thanks to all Dems members for your energy and enthusiasm this past semester. The 2006 Executive Board wishes the new Board the best of luck in 2007.

Here is the 2007 Yale College Democrats Executive Board:

President: Eric Kafka -- TD '08
Vice-President: Jennifer James -- MC '08
Secretary: Matthew Ellison -- BR '10
Treasurer: Geoff Buller -- BR '09
Campaigns Coordinator: Benjamin Shaffer -- BK '09
Registrar of Voters: Rachel Plattus -- SY '09
Membership Coordinator: Sarah Turbow -- CC '10
Campus Coordinator: Gabriel Goffman -- SY '10
Issues Coordinator: Abby McCartney -- BR '10

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// Monday, September 18, 2006 //

Yale Dems go Canvassing!

Posted by Kevin Bock at 2:17AM

The Yale Dems went canvassing this weekend. Three groups of nearly 20 students each drove off to each of Connecticut's three competitve congressional districts (Joe Courtney, Diane Farrell and Chris Murphy in the 2nd, 4th and 5th districts, respectively). Thanks to all who attended! If you have photos from either the Courtney or Farrell canvass, please send them to kevin.bock@yale.edu and we'll post them here! (Murphy canvassing pics on the flip!)

Missed this weekend's canvass? Don't worry! There are more to come. (Check the Events section!) Email eric.kafka@yale.edu to sign up for future canvasses!

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// Saturday, September 2, 2006 //

Connecticut Democratic Coordinated Campaign

Posted by Kevin Bock at 2:38AM

The CT Coordinated Campaign is looking to hire a full-time student outreach coordinator through November 8, 2006 in order to implement a field plan on college campuses across Connecticut.

The Student Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for: Coordinating events, speakers and trainings in cooperation with member chapters; Serving as liaison between the College Democrats of Connecticut Executive Board, the CDCC, and College Democrats member chapters; Recruiting, hiring, training and managing field organizers at targeted schools.

Requirements: Progressive political experience, campus organizing experience and bachelor's degree preferred. Preference will be given to candidates with Connecticut background. 2006 graduates strongly encouraged to apply. Candidate must have access to a car.

$500/week + health care plan. Please send all inquiries and resume, cover letter and references to Matthew Lesser: matthew.lesser@gmail.com.


// Sunday, August 20, 2006 //

Ned Lamont for US Senate

Posted by Kevin Bock at 11:33AM

Ned Lamont, Democratic nominee for US Senate, is looking for volunteers. Gain political experience on one of the most highly-watched races in the country. Ned's remarkable upset primary victory on August 8th landed him in the national spotlight, now you can help in the push to November.

Volunteers are needed at the campaign's New Haven office: 205 Church St., Suite 501. (That's the intersection of Elm and Church, at the corner of the green.) Show up during regular hours, 11am to 8pm, or call (203) 772-2405. Email: 3rdcd@nedlamont.com.

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DeStefano Restaffing -- Interested?

Posted by Kevin Bock at 11:26AM

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, Democrat for Governor:

Interested and passionate about politics? Start now and gain real working political experience on a progressive statewide campaign located just across the green! New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, the Democratic nominee for Governor, needs interns and volunteers from today until Election Day on November 7th. Work on: Fundraising, Policy, Press, Field, Research.

For internships, call: (203) 752-0545 or email: internships@destefanoforct.gov.


// Tuesday, August 8, 2006 //

Lamont Wins!

Posted by Nathan Kilbert at 10:15PM

DeStefano, too, probably, although that hasn't been called by the networks yet. Out of the 266 thousand votes likely to be cast in the gubernatorial primary, Destefano already has 132 k, while Malloy is at 128.6 k.

Now that the primaries are over, it's time for all Democrats to come together and support our nominees. It seems like a certain senator won't be doing that, though. Thinks he's special, that he doesn't have to listen to the will of the voters in the highest-turnout primary in over a decade. That's all right -- Lamont will beat him a second time.

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Posted by Nathan Kilbert at 1:20AM

Primary Day is today for Connecticut Democrats. Please don't forget to go out and vote.

The Ned Lamont campaign has a nifty polling place locator here, if you're not sure of where to vote.

Polls are open from 6 AM to 8 PM, and your polling place may be different from the last time, for some dumbass reason.

According to our illustrious Alderman, the general rule is that Davenport, Pierson, TD, Morse, Stiles and Swing Space vote in Ward 22 (at 114 Bristol St, past Payne Whitney) while all other Yale residences vote in Ward 1, the New Haven Public Library on Elm St. Remember if you registered when you lived on Old Campus, you vote at the Library.

If you have other questions, call Nick at (203) 404-4828.

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// Tuesday, July 25, 2006 //

The Spirit of Liberty

Posted by Nathan Kilbert at 12:56PM

Daniel Munz (former VP of the Dems and also longtime webmaster), has a new blog, The Spirit of Liberty. Grandiose title aside, it's pretty good. His last blog (or couple of blogs, as he was a significant fraction of Bulldog Blue) was pretty damn impressive, and from what I'm reading now, he's back in full form. Check out particularly his latest piece about Bill Clinton's appearance with Joe Lieberman yesterday.

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// Wednesday, July 19, 2006 //

The ACLU is Against Clean Elections?

Posted by Cynthia Okechukwu at 7:56PM

According to this article from the New London Day, a coalition including the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut, the Green Party, and the Libertarian Party is challenging Connecticut's new clean elections law in court.

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// Monday, July 17, 2006 //

Yalies in the Middle East:

Posted by Nathan Kilbert at 3:26PM

I don't even know what to tell you. Stay in the basement, I guess? Regardless, you're in our thoughts. Stay safe.

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A Foreign Policy Doctrine for Dems

Posted by Ben Shaffer at 12:36PM

While hidden in the cumbersome title, I feel that Robert Wrights artcle entitled "An American Foreign Policy That Both Realists and Idealists Should Fall in Love With" raises important questions for the Democrats looking ahead to 2008. If the main macro level problem with the Democratic Party over the last 6 years has been a failure to combat the Bush Administration on foreign policy issues, Wright, despite being from Princeton, offers a strong, focused and clear doctrine that Democrats should consider adapting in their platforms for 2006 and more importantly, 2008. He calls it "progresssive realism" and it warrants discussion. The article can be found here. Read it or just read my ramblings.

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// Saturday, July 15, 2006 //

Last Call for College Dems National Convention - Join Us!

Posted by Brendan Gants at 6:17PM

Join fellow members of the Yale College Dems at this year´s national College Dems convention, July 20-23 in St. Louis!

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Stem Cell Research: Don't let Specter and First Obscure Republicans who Oppose the Research

Posted by Eric Kafka at 2:46PM

Stem cell research holds the potential to provide life saving cures. Thus, it's no suprise that polls have shown that Americans support expanding embryonic stem cell research by a 2-1 margin Yet, President Bush is promising to use his first veto if a piece of legislation that would expand stem cell research reaches his desk. The bill has already passed the House and will most likely now pass the Senate because it is supported by a few key Republicans, including Senators Frist & Specter.

I think it is commendable that some Republican Senators support stem cell research. However, I think that it is also important to hold Republicans who vote against the stem cell research expansion accountable even if the legislation passes the Senate and then is vetoed. First, an increase in Democratic Senators might make the legislation veto-proof (it's looking as though there are already 60 supporters). Second, if Democrats are able to run on this issue and win, it will send the message to the other Republican Senators and possible Presidential candidates that they need to listen to the vast majority of the country and allow this vitally important research to go forward.

Who are some of the Republicans Senators adamantly opposed to stem cell research? Jim Talent (MO) and Mike DeWine (OH). So if you are from one these two states (I am from Missouri!), it's allright to remember that George Bush isn't on your ballot in 2006, but neither is Arlen Specter. Don't let the support of some Republicans obscure the fact that guys like Talent and Dewine are obstructing life saving research.

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// Wednesday, July 12, 2006 //

Republican Drops out of CT Senate Race

Posted by Nathan Kilbert at 4:32PM

Alan Schlesinger, former state legislator and the Republican candidate for the Senate, is apparently dropping out of the race because he played poker at the Mohegan Sun casino under an assumed name. I have to say that why that would be a reason to drop out is not clear to me, but the speculation is that the state Republican party sees pickup potential in a possible three-way race and wanted to get this nobody out of the way.

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