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'“James Comey would like to help” - New York Times, 10/12/19

Comey speaks on election interference” - Yale Daily News, 10/09/19

“Yale Dems endorse Elicker - Yale Daily News, 9/03/19

“Mayoral candidates spar in Sudler Hall” - Yale Daily News, 8/30/19

Fresh Talk: Teachers should live where they teach. This bill will help.” - Hartford Courant, 6/04/19

Give teachers incentive to live where they teach.” - Connecticut Post, 6/03/19

“Senate bill would help reverse War on Drugs damage” - Connecticut Mirror, 5/30/19

“Early voting is more than a convenience” - Connecticut Mirror, 5/29/19

Those on parole have paid debt to society and should be allowed to vote - Journal Inquirer, 5/23/19

Fixing a broken criminal justice system: HB 6921” - Connecticut Mirror, 4/23/19

Emergency aid can keep students in college” - Connecticut Post, 4/22/19

"Parkland Students: Gun Reform Movement About People 'Wanting to Stay Alive'" - Yale News, 4/26/2018

"Parkland Students Visit Campus" - Yale Daily News, 4/24/2018

"Student-led Groups Advocate for Sustainability" - Yale Daily News, 4/22/2018

"Student Voter Turnout on the Rise" - Yale Daily News, 4/17/2018

"Yalie Receives Truman Scholarship" - Yale Daily News, 4/13/2018

"Local Politics Are the Best Way to Advocate for Change as a College Student" - Teen Vogue, 4/10/2018

"Students Oppose Change to Census" - Yale Daily News, 4/2/2018

"Nonprofits Push Immigrant Rights Legislation" - Yale Daily News, 3/9/2018

"They're Here to Fix Climate Change! They're College Republicans." - the Atlantic, 2/28/2018

"Hartford Mayor Returns to Yale" - Yale Daily News, 2/27/2018

"Yale Students Rally for Gun Control" - Yale Daily News, 2/23/2018

"Gross & Michaelson: Teach Us to Win" - Yale Daily News, 1/18/2018

"Resist Trump, ACLU Head says" -Yale Daily News, 9/28/2017

"In Yale Dems event, Malloy Speaks Candidly" -Yale Daily News, 3/9/2017

"Chris Murphy Talks Politics in Trump-Era" -Yale Daily News, 2/23/2017

"Murphy emerges as leader of anti-Trump resistance" -Yale Daily News, 2/10/2017

"Students Respond to Supreme Court Picks" -Yale Daily News, 2/6/2017

"Dean's Dem Rx: Boomers, Step Aside" -New Haven Independent, 2/1,2017

"Howard Dean touts Power of Young People to Yale College Democrats" -New Haven Register, 2/1/2017

"Yalies Prepare for Trump Inauguration Protests" -Yale Daily News, 1/17/2017

"Students advocate to 'ban the box'" - Yale Daily News, 3/7/2016

"Yale students push for affirmative consent" - Yale Daily News, 3/4/2016

"Conn. Lawmakers Considering Affirmative Consent Bill" - NPR, 3/3/2016

"College Students Push Lawmakers to Approve 'Yes Means Yes' Law" - WNPR, 3/3/2016

"Public Weights In On Affirmative Consent Policy For College Campuses" - CT News Junkie, 3/2/2016

"Students Support 'Yes Means Yes' Sexual Assault Law" - Hartford Courant, 3/1/2016

"Proposed bill looks to prevent rape on CT college campuses" - Eyewitness News, 3/1/2016

"Financial aid for undocumented students garners support" - CT Mirror, 3/1/2016

"Affirmative Consent Bill Considered" - NBC Connecticut, 3/1/2016

"Yale Dems, lawmakers talk legislation"Yale Daily News, 2/2/16

"Malloy opens up to Yale Dems"Yale Daily News, 12/1/15

"Sanders adviser talks econ policy, politics"Yale Daily News, 11/17/15

"Narrow Ward 1 vote to be recounted"- Yale Daily News, 11/5/15

"Students plan out-of-state canvassing"- Yale Daily News, 10/19/15

"'I Really Am Trying to Get Free' - DeRay on Black Lives Matter"- The Politic, 10/6/15

"Racial activist draws crowd"- Yale Daily News, 10/6/15

"Weigel discusses politics, journalism with Dems"Yale Daily News, 9/22/15